Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Everyone is thinking "green" these days. And alternative medicine is a close second! A technique I found very effective recently came to my attention. There seem to be many medical conditions today that are brought on by lifestyle choices. Many of them are unhealthy and some are going out of vogue. Smoking for example.

Years ago my wife suffered from severe bouts of panic attacks; especially in confined spaces like cars or airplanes. This seriously restricted our ability to travel any great distances. Her cousin suffered from agoraphobia and spent countless days indoors totally terrified that whatever she feared, was lurking outside. While I can't say I understand the terror they both had to deal with, I did suffer from the outward manifestations that were exhibited by my wife. I also was dumbfounded by the reported stories about her cousin who suffered from agoraphobia for years and years.

Both of them were given medication by their doctors with the assurance that these drugs would help them cope with their conditions, but I honestly believe that they both outgrew their conditions over time; albeit with short bursts of re-occurrences. To this day my wife is still a little apprehensive about car travel, although I believe that has a lot to do with her involvement in a number of serious automobile accidents. But that story is for another day.

Getting back to the technique I stumbled upon, the Linden Method is in keeping with my strong beliefs that it's your inner self that is responsible for your life's journey. I have understood for years that we all create the reality we live in every day. We do it through beliefs, thoughts and emotions. External events give the appearance of affecting our lives, but a little study of quantum physics should at least give preliminary in-sight that all is not what it appears to be. Much more is at work here, but the surprising fact is that you are the director and producer of this "greatest show on earth", and not the external factors that many of us blame!

So assuming that you take on this responsibility and start to realize that your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and the subsequent actions you take from them is what creates your experience, then the sooner you can begin to cope with some of the challenges that you have brought about. And panic attacks, agoraphobia, anxiety disorder, and OCD are so symptomatic of an underlying cause that can be remedied by the producer of these symptoms.

I urge you to take a peek at this method. With a 100% guarantee and a 96% success rate why would anyone who is really serious about recovering not give it a try. Maybe those phobias are just a comfortable place to stay!

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