Sunday, December 27, 2009

Who Else Wants to Understand Panic Attack Symptoms and Overcome This Disorder?

Panic attacks are chapters in a persons life where in his entire body and soul goes into a state of chaos. The heart rate increases and beats like drums. Breathing gaps become shorter and quicker. An uneasy feeling sets in. Cold hands and cold sweat. Feeling jumpy and panicky. It seems like the end of the world.

What is happening? Is it just some sudden rush of emotions? Is it a real panic attack symptom or just a mistaken cause? Is the mind playing tricks or is it something deeper than that?

When checking for the causes of panic attacks, they are quite obvious. First, check if the heart rate increases. Parallel the feeling to running away from a very angry lion that is chasing after you. Another symptom could be the arrival of chest pains, which causes difficulty in breathing. Others include an upset stomach, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and numbness in the hands or chills.

One of the symptoms is the fear of experiencing future panic attacks. Funny isn't it? But it is true. It is the thought of having an expected threat that brings anxiety even if nothing is happening yet. There is an anticipation of something that has not happened yet nor will there be any chance of it happening. Thus, this will start triggering an attack, which can develop into a phobia.

Fear can lead you to do things you have never thought of doing in your life. While in that state, you do not care what other people will think or say. The important thing is to avoid or evade the fear by any means necessary.

What is so fascinating about having an attack is that it can come without warning and can happen anytime and any day. A persons age, affluence or family name is not a reason not to have it. Researchers say that a persons first panic attack can happen between the ages of 15 to 19. It could be because of the peer pressure or the demanding environment a growing teenager is exposed to.

Panic attacks can last for a few minutes and can stretch to hours if it is not dealt with. But for the victim, the minutes seem like forever and they pray that it will go away quickly. He feels that he is in a state of craziness. He feels like he is one step closer to death.

Therefore, the primary panic attack symptom is fear. Fear needs to be faced head on, addressed and uprooted. This disorder has a way of enslaving you. But we should know that it has no power to enslave us if we do not give into it. If you see these symptoms in your life, then you should address them right away. Do not be shy to go to your doctor and ask for advice and treatment. It is better to treat it this early than have it years from now. Cure may be far fetched if we prolong the treatment. It is time to break free from it. You can do it!

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