Monday, November 23, 2009

Top Reasons to Use Nintendo DSi

Nintendo successfully released its newest hand-held console, the Nintendo DSi. With the release of the Nintendo DSi, community has been welcoming approximately each new aspect of it. There are several changes and improvements featured in this console which can mainly improve everyone’s gaming skills and experience. On its hardware component, it attributes two cameras with 0.3 mega pixels, one camera on the frontage, and one on the inside. In addition, Nintendo DSi includes SD Card Slot and a much higher processor and RAM compared to the original Nintendo DS.

Moreover, a 3.25 inches screen is much bigger while making it more portable since its general size was being reduced compared to those in DS lite. Another advantage is on its new improved keys and peripheral casing which have a matte finish that eliminates the probability of getting blotches and smudges which caused by fingerprints. Nintendo DSi software has its new features as well. This includes the availability of Wi-Fi access and a connection to the DsiWare which is exclusively for Nintendo DSi users. Nintendo DSi graphics is amazingly better and the sound is brilliantly much clearer and louder than DS lite.

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